Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

Vol. 19: The Sacred and Transgression

Editorial Foreword

The Sacred and Transgression  

CHIN Ken-pa


I. Dao Wu Chang Ming: Study of Theories and Classics

An Atheist Theology: Georges Bataillie's Theory on Religion  (pp. 25-47)

YAN Zesheng


Eyes of God and the "From the Outside": On Foucault's "Theology"  (pp. 71-91)



Religion Within the Rational Realm  (pp. 3-24)



A Preface to Transgression  (pp. 48-70)



II. Hua Tong Xuan Li: Study of Christianity, Society and Ethics

On God-Human Relation in Martin Buber's I and Thou  (pp. 95-104)

SU Binsen


Study on Maritain's Thoughts in Modern Context (pp. 128-144)



Overcoming Onto-theology and Thomas Aquinas' God  (pp. 105-127)

LI Bingquan


III. Fa Yu Shui Feng: Dialogue between Chinese Culture and Christianity

Teilhard and China  (pp. 216-242)

LI Tiangang


An Investigation on the Authors of the Attached Poems in the Third Edition of Zhu Zhi Qun Zheng  (pp. 183-202)

JI Jianxun


On the Missionaries of Congrégation de la Mission in China (pp. 147-182)

GENG Sheng


Inward Transcendence and Christianity Transcendence (pp. 203-215)

QI Hongwei


IV. Jing Guan Wu Se: Study of Christian Culture and Literature

A Crying Sinner: Kafka's Theory on Religion  (pp. 267-282)

FU Feixiong


The Dialetics and Revelation in Dostoyevsky's "The Legend of the Grand inquistor" (pp. 245-266) LUO Zhidan (pp. 245-266)

LUO Zhidan


Kierkegaard and Kafka (pp. 283-301)

ZENG Yanbing


V. Qing Ji Ming Gong: Academic Developments and Research Updates

A Case Study on Christian Music in Quzhou, Hebei Province: On the Indigenization of Christian Music in Chinese Rural Area  (pp. 305-331)

SUN Chenhui