Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

Vol. 17: Sinology and Theology

Editorial Foreword

Sinology and Theology 

YANG Xusheng


Special Manuscript of World Conference on Sinology 2007

A Dialogue of Civilizations and a Harmonious World  

JI Baocheng


I. Dao Wu Chang Ming: Study of Theories and Classics

The Origin of Man's Suffering: Common Ground for Buddhism and Christianity  (pp. 15-35)



Ludovico Buglio, Francesco Varo and the Translation of Theological Terms  (pp. 3-14)

Leopold LEEB


II. Fa Yu Shui Feng: Dialogue Between Chinese Culture and Christianity

On Richard Wilhelm's Missionary Approach (pp. 65-89)

SUN Lixin


W. A. P. Martin's Failure as a Missionary: The Dilemma of Christianity in China  (p. 100-108)


Sino-Theology in Giving of the Gift  (pp. 39-64)

XIA Kejun


Mo-tzu and Christianity (pp. 90-99)

Radosav PUSIC


III. Hun Yuan Zhi Xing: Study of Christian Thinkers

The Reception of Karl Barth's Theology in Sino-Christian Theology (pp. 111-138)

Keith Ka-fu CHAN and LAI Pan-chiu


IV. Fa Liu Shi Dao: Study of Chinese Historical Records on Christianity

Mathieu Ricci A Slave Trader? -- Misinformed Projection from Nemeses in Zhaoqing and Guangzhou  (pp. 177-194)

HU Jinping


Missionary Activities of Congrégation de La Mission in China  (pp. 141-176)

GENG Sheng


V. Hua Tong Xuan Li: Study of Christianity, Society, and Ethics

Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions in America and the Transformation of Early American Sinology  (pp. 197-212)

ZHAO Xiaoyang


VI. Jing Guan Wu Se: Study of Christian Culture and Literature

The Images of China depicted by American Missionaries Who Come to China in the Nineteenth Century  (pp. 215-253)

CUI Lifang


VII. Qing Ji Ming Gong: Academic Developments and Research Updates

The Theological Approach of Literary Theory and Cultural Studies: A Summary of the 3rd Summer Institute on Theolgy & Humanities  (pp. 257-277)



Sinogoy, The Other, Religion  (pp. 295-300)



What Should Sinology Be -- A Review of the Self Definition of Sinology at the "World Conference on Sinology 2007"  (pp. 306-310)

FU Jianjian


Theology, Sinology and Cultural Studies: A Summary of the 4th Summer Institute on Theology & Humanities (pp. 278-293)



Image of China as a Mirror of the West -- A review of Research on the Image of China at "World Conference on Sinology 2007"  (pp. 301-305)

MA Ting


New Evidence for the History of Christianity in China (pp. 311-316)

LIU Yunping & HE Huan


VIII. Shu Dian Fan Jing: Reviews and Introductions to New Books

On Faith and Knowledge -- Remarks on Clement of Alexandria  (pp. 332-346) )



The Psycho Cannot Be Analyzed -- Sigmund Freud's Moses and Monotheism (pp. 319-331) CHIN Ken-pa (pp. 319-331)

CHIN Ken-pa