Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

Vol. 9: Religious Ethics

I. Hua Tong Xuan Li: Study of Christianity, Society and Ethics

The Prospects for A Common Morality and the Golden Rule  (pp. 3-17)

Calvin P. Van REKEN


Judeo -- Christian Covenant Community and Ru (Confucian)Community: Co-partnership with Heaven (pp. 33-54)



Jubilee Legislation and Covenant Duty: An approach to Economic Ethics (pp. 18-32)

Peter K. CHOW


Biblical Covenants in Business and the Professions: A Catholic Perspective (pp. 55-70)



II. Fa Yu Shui Feng: Dialogue between Chinese Culture and Christianity

Survival Strategy or Cultural Exchange: A Survey of Christian Philanthropy and Welfare Services in Modern China (pp. 85-103)

LIU Jitong


Covenantal Thinking, Daoist Reform and New Ethics: A Discussion on Heavenly Masters Daoism in the Nroth and South Dynasties  (pp. 73-84)

ZHU Donghua


III. Dao Wu Chang Ming: Study of Theories and Classics

Cross-textual Reading Strategy: A Study of Some Late Ming Chinese Christian Writings (pp. 165-187)

Archie LEE


IV. Hun Yuan Zhi Xing: Study of Christian Thinkers

Influence of the Bible on the "Dim Poets" after the Cultural Revoltuion  (pp. 191-210)

YE Rong & Jana BENICKA


Continuity of the Bibllical Tradition in American Literature: An Inner Co-structural Relationship  (pp. 211-225)

YANG Caixia


V. Jing Guan Wu Se: Study of Christian Culture and Literature

The Future of Religion in the Twenty-first Century  (pp. 229-244)



The Nature of the Religious Experience (pp. 245-264)

ZHA Changping


VI. Shu Dian Fan Jing: Reviews and Introductions to New Books

"Theology that Would not Compromise": Karl Barth and Theological Hermeneutics  (pp. 267-270)

MU Nan


Little Book of Enlightment  



VII. Qing Ji Ming Gong: Academic Developments and Research Updates

"Contemporary Religious Research Methodology of Empirical Research" -- Academic Conference Summary & Summary of Presentations  (pp. 295-213)