Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

Vol. 5

I. Fa Yu Shui Feng: Dialogue between Chinese Culture and Christianity

Killing Logos: A Comparison of Bonhoeffer and Mou Tsang-san's Interpretation of Jesus Christ  (pp. 3-16)

DENG Shaoguang


II. Hun Yuan Zhi Xing: Study of Christian Thinkers

On the Religious Ethic of Franke (pp. 32-56)

LEI Yongsheng


Berdyaev's Humanitarian Interpretation of the Concept of God (pp. 19-31)

AN Qinian


III. Dao Wu Chang Ming: Study of Theories and Classics

A Christian Anthropology for the 21st Century  (pp. 85-116)

ZHANG Qingxiong


Revisiting the Bible: A Feminist Interpretation (pp. 59-84)



IV. Jing Guan Wu Se: Study of Christian Culture and Literature

Thomas Aquinas and Literary Criticism during the High Middle Ages (pp. 160-175)

YANG Huilin


Bible and American Myths (pp. 119-159)



The Voice of Nature and the Soul: Revelation from The Golden Rose (pp. 176-185)

XIE Zhibin


V. Hua Tong Xuan Li: Study of Christianity, Society and Ethics

Secularization and Religion  (pp. 189-215)

SUN Shangyang


VI. Fa Liu Shi Dao: Study of Chinese Historical Records on Christianity

French Studies on the Jesuits in China and Cultural Exchange Between East & West (pp. 219-265)

GENG Sheng


Christian Faith and the Secret Wisdom of China: the Theology of Toivo Koskikallio and its Chinese Context (pp. 266-278)



VII. Qin Ji Ming Gong: Conference on the Study of Religion

Religious Studies at the Turn of the Century  (pp. 289-295)

ZHANG Fenglei


Christian Studies in China: Past and Future (pp. 281-288)

XIE Wenyu


VIII. He Er Bu Tong: Sketches by Scholars

Ultimate Concern and Religious Concern (pp. 302-322)

AN Ximeng


Potentials for Religious Studies in 21st Century in China  (pp. 299-301)

ZHUO Xinping