Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

Vol. 37: "Ethics of Ultimate Ends" and "Ethics of Responsibility"

Editorial Foreword

How Should "Ultimate Ends" and "Conviction" Respond to "Responsibility"? 

YANG Huilin


I. Hua Tong Xuan Li: Study of Christanity Society and Efhics​

The Catholic Church Hierarchy from the Perspective of the Laity  (pp. 60-80)

ZONG Xiaolan


A Trinitarian Reading of the Catholic Social Teaching after Vatican II  (pp. 3-27)

LI Bingquan


Beyond Geopolitics: The Catholic Church among Refugees as Reflected in Pope Francis' Words and Deeds in 2016  (pp. 43-59)

TAN Lizhu


"The World Should not Fear China's Rise": An Interview with Pope Francis ( pp. 81-90)

Francesco SISCI


Universalism and Human Goods: the Possibilities and Limits of Ethicsx (pp. 28-42)

Robin W. LOVIN


II. Hun Yuan Zhi Xing: Study of Christian Thinkers

"Humanity is the Second God": on Nikolaus von Cusa's Orientation of the Human Spirit (pp. 92-111)

LI Hua


R. S. Sugirtharajah's Contribution to Postcolonial Biblical Criticism and its Hermeneutical Discourse Construction  (pp. 133-154)



Rethinking the Inception and Development of John Hick's Philosophy of Religion in the First and Second Editions of His Faith and Knowledge  (pp. 112-132)

Yen-Yi LEE


III. Fa Yu Shui Feng: Dialogue between Chinese Culture and Christianity

Searching for the "God's" Compassion: Review on the History of "the Dialogue" between Mozi and Jesus  (pp. 177-198)

CHU Lijuan


Introduction of "Idyllic" Style and Modern Poetry in China: Xu Dishan's Translation of the Song of Songs and Its Effect ( pp. 156-176)

MA Yuelan & REN Dongsheng


IV. Qing Ji Ming Gong: Academic Developments and Researeh Updates

Rethinking Universalism: Review of the 12th Summer Institute on Theology and the Humanities  (pp. 213-221)



Can Dialogue Really Produce a Dual Perspective? Comments on the Forum "Contemporary Chinese Social Development and Christian- Confucian Dialogue" at the Chinese University of Hong Kong ( pp. 200-212)

ZHU Cuifeng & XIE Wenyu


The Future of China from the Perspective of Christianity and Confucianism: A Reflection on Shandong University Forum of "Whither China?"  (pp. 222-232)

LIN Xiaobin & XIE Wenyu