Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

Vol.41: Mit dem Anfang anfangen

Editorial Foreword

A Model of “Creating by Returning to the Original”: Rethinking Karl Barth’s Theology in a Chinese Context (Chinese)


A Model of “Creating by Returning to the Original”: Rethinking Karl Barth’s Theology in a Chinese Context (English)

Thomas Xutong QU


I. Hun Yuan Zhi Xing: Study of Christian Thinkers

Neither Yes Nor No: A Mahayana Buddhist Interpretation of Barth’s Discourses on Universal Salvation (pp.2-27)

LAI Pan-chiu


Rationality and Warrant of the Word of God: Supplementary Views from Reformed Episemology on Barth’s Biblical Exegesis (pp.28-49)

Jin Li and Li Ma


Union in Christ: Rethinking Barth’s Christology (pp.50-69)

Zhang Shaobo


A Preliminary Study on Socialist Thought in Barth’s Theology of Early Stage (pp.70-89)

LI Zhixiong


Before T.C. Chao: A Contribution to Barth’s early Reception in China (pp.90-109)

YANG Junjie


Karl Barth: Comments of the Evangelicals (pp.110-142)

G. Wright DOYLE


II. Jing Guan Wu Se:Study of Christian Culture and Literature

A Cultural Poetic Interpretation of Wife-Sister Stories in Genesis (pp.144-187)

HUANG Hangxi


Milton’s Art of Logic as an Art of Poetry: A Rhetorical Reading of Paradise Lost, Book 2 (pp.168-187)

[USA] Phillip J. Donnelly


Citadel of the God(s) or Satan’s Throne: The Image of the Divine at the Great Altar of Pergamon between Ruler Religion and Apocalyptic Counter-VisionTheology (pp.188-218)

[Germany] Brigitte KAHL


III. Hua Tong Xuan Li: Study of Christanity Society and Ethics

Contemporary Christian Theologies of Homosexuality: A Typology (pp.220-247)



Analysies of Social Services of the Tianjin YMCA: A Case Study of “Mass Wedding” (pp.248-268)

ZHAO Tianlu


IV. Qing Ji Ming Gong: Academic Debate and Responses

Life before the last things:The Dostoyevsky-reception in the early works of Karl Barth and Eduard (pp.270-280)

HONG Liang