Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

Vol. 35: Post-modern Theology

Editorial Foreword

A "Nonreligious" Christianity and An "Atheist" Theology  

YANG Huilin


I. Dao Wu Chang Ming: Study of Theories and Classics

The Rose is Without Why: An Interpretation of Later Heidegger ( pp. 23-47)



Bodies: The Displaced Bodies of Jesus Christ  (pp. 71-101)

Graham WARD


Toward a Nonreligious Christianity (pp. 3-22)



Networking Religion  (pp. 48-70)



II. Fa Yu Shui Feng: Dialogue between Chinese Culture and Christianity

The Theory of Soul in the Context of late Ming Exchange between China, Japan and Europe  (pp. 146-167)

DUAN Shilei


Rethinking the Writing of the General History of Chinese Christianity  (pp. 105-145)

CHIN Ken-pa


The Origins of the Strategy of Cultural Adaptation by the Society of Jesus: On the Formation of "Dōjuku"(Acolyte) in Francisco Xavier's Time  (pp. 168-187)

LIU Hailing


III. Hun Yuan Zhi Xing: Study of Christian Thinkers

Back to Saint Paul: The Interaction and Tension Between Contemporary Radical Leftist Theory and Christian Theology  (pp. 212-231)

SUN Haiyang


Žižek's Interpretation of "Christ's Sacrifice" in his Reverse Logic  (pp. 191-211)



IV. Jing Guan Wu Se: Study of Christian Culture and Literature

On World conception and the Pioneering Spirit of Samuel Purchas' "Pilgrimage"  (pp. 251-269)

CAI Qian


Consciousness of "Conscience": Church and Reform in Piers Plowman  (pp. 235-250)

WU Xiaoling


V. Qing Ji Ming Gong: Academic Developments and Research Updates

Review of the 11th Summer Institute On Theology and the Humanities ( pp. 273-283)

MI Aolan