Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

The Significance of Theological Elements in Haizi's Poems

Author: LIANG Xinjun, Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation, Shanghai International Studies University



This study considers the poems of Haizi, a renowned Chinese poet of the 1980s, from the perspective of Christian theology. Drawing on previous research by Chinese scholars, the paper examines the close relationship between Haizi’s poems and the Bible, before proceeding to a deeper exploration of the theological elements in the poems and subsequent interpretation of the significance of these elements in his oeuvre. Close study of the texts and poetic theories evident in Haizi’s poems and poetic prose reveals the nature of the theological elements present, and Haizi’s, particular interest in perverse theology, an awareness of self-emptying and longing for Heaven, and conversing with God. The significance of these theological dimensions is explored in terms of their relevance to contemporary society. The theological elements in Haizi’s poems teach how important and pressing it is for people today to focus on the foundations of life in nature, to reflect on the spiritual erosion of our modern life style, and return to a pure and simple life with a strong belief system.



Haizi’s poems, Christian theology, poetic theories


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