Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

A Literary Approach to Christian of Love: A Case Study on the Evolution of George Willard's Love in Winesburg, Ohio

DONG Yuezhang & WU Yan, Nanjing University



This paper is set under the premise that the Christian love that integrates erôs and agâpe is true love. On this basis this essay draws examples from the Bible and compares them with George Willard’s novel Winesburg, Ohio, exploring the evolution of love in this novel and treating it as a specific case of Christian love applied descriptively. Hence Christian love is interpreted from the perspective of literary criticism in an effort to show that the new theory of Christian love proposed in this paper is not only central to the Bible but reasonable and applicable to reality.



Christian Love, George Willard, erôs, agâpe, true love, The Holy Bible


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