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Convergence of Marxism, Humanistic Studies and Theological Issues and Cultural Reflection toward the Future -- A Summary of Summer Institute on "Marxism, Humanistic Studies and Theological Issues

ZHOU Dan, Nanchang University



In recent years, there has been a convergence of Marxism, humanistic studies and theological issues in the West. Contemporary Marxism, humanistic studies and theological studies alike are characterized by a political dimension, an interchange of perspectives in their research, and a radicalization in their thinking. Lively debates have arisen from differences in their theoretical traditions and models of interpretation. As Marxist, humanistic studies and theological studies engage in rediscovering and reinterpreting Western thought, they have also engaged in mutual dialogue and cultural reflection, which in turn led to the exploration of core issues in contemporary culture in a joint effort to find alternatives for the future of human civilization.


The International Summer Institute on Marxism, Humanistic Studies and Theological Issues was held on July 30—August 2, 2010 at Xiangtan University in Hunan Province. It was jointly sponsored by the School of Liberal Arts of Renmin University of China, Institute for the Study of Christian Culture of Renmin University, and the College of Literature and Journalism of Xiangtan University, with the assistance of the Hong Kong Institute of Sino-Christian Studies. Distinguished scholars from Renmin University of China, Taiwan Zhongyuan University, University of Glasgow of UK, University of Stirling of UK, and Baylor University of USA lectured on the abovementioned topics to more than 60 young faculty members of over 40 universities from around the country. The lectures covered subjects such as: the politics of friendship in light of religious ethics; the theological turn of contemporary Marxism and the Marxist interpretation of Christian history; advancing toward the future in reflections and debates, etc.



Marxism, Humanistic Studies, Theological Issues, Convergence, Reflection


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