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A Critical Introduction to the Womanist Critique on the Bible in the Post-modern Context

Author: GUO Xiaoxia, Henan University



This essay offers a critical introduction to the womanist critique on the Bible, focusing on Black feminist theology, Asian feminist theology and other Third World feminist theologies. The author seeks to outline and evaluate them from two aspects. First of all, the womanist critique is based on indigenous female experiences. Secondly, it deals with basic theological subjects, namely the doctrine of God, Christology and hamartiology as they relate to the gender of God or Jesus, the relationship between Jesus and women, and sin and salvation as they relate to Eve and Mary. The author believes that the womanist critique has expanded the sphere of biblical criticism through its perspectives on gender, community and class.



feminism; womanist; biblical criticism; doctrine of God; Christology; sin


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