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Literature, Arts and Religions in a Post-Secular Horizon: Review of the 13th Summer Institute on Theology and Humanities

Author: ZHAO Jing, Assistant Professor, School of Libral Arts, Renmin University of China



From 18-20, 2017, the 13th Summer Institute on “Theology and Humanities” was held in Kaifeng, Henan Province, under the theme “Literature, Arts and Religions in a Post-Secular Horizon.” The Summer Institute was held in conjunction with the 12th Triennial Congress of the Chinese Comparative Literature Association, as a round-table forum “Comparative Literature and Religious Studies” within the CCLA Congress. More than 30 scholars from different universities and institutions in Israel, the US, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China were invited to present papers, discussing and exchanging views on Theology and the Humanities.

Within a thematic framework of the “Post-Secular Horizon,” participating scholars presented papers in a wide range of disciplines, from religious philosophy, biblical studies, cultural studies and comparative literature to Sinological studies. This review summarizes the major concerns and issues raised during the Institute, including post-secularity, ethics, critical theory, religious cinema, theological aesthetics, natural writings, literary figure studies, studies on (meta-)language, missionary Sinology, translation studies, comparative classical studies and post-structuralist theories. The Summer Institute demonstrated the best of academic efforts to reflect on the post-secular human and to engage with various questions in literature, arts and religion.



theology, humanities, post-secular, comparative literature, interdisciplinary and intercultural studies


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