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Exiting our Current Moral Predicament: An analysis of the Renmin Forum on “Dialogue between Confucia and Christian Ethics”

Author: YANG Xuemei, Lecturer, School of Maxism Studies, Nanyang Normal University XIE Wenyu, Professor, Center for Judaic and Inter-Religious Studies of Shandong University



On May 9th 2017 Renmin University of China held a forum on “Responsibility and Faith:  Dialogue on between Confucian and Christian Ethics.” The forum addressed the issue of how to improve the current moral framework in China, asking such questions as “How can we utilize the various resources available in our effort to reconstruct our morality?” “What is the ideal direction of moral reconstruction?” Two speakers were invited to give keynote addresses in the dialogue representing Confucianism and Christianity respectively. The Christian scholar drew on a contemporary Chinese sociological studies, and attempted to demonstrate the essential role of faith for Christians in their discipline and the regulation of their conduct, and especially the role played by Christian community in this. The Confucian scholar started his presentation by analyzing the parent-child relationship, and its primary dynamic in inculcating morality. Both speakers gave insightful speeches, and their interactions, as well as the audience Q&A, opened up space for new avenues of thought and possible future directions in thinking about moral reconstruction.



responsibility, faith, ethics, Confucianism, Christianity


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