Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

"Preface" to The Texts of Taoism

Author: James LEGGE (1815-1897), famous sinologist, representative of the London Missionary Society in Malacca and Hong Kong, and first professor of Chinese at Oxford University



In the “Preface” to The Texts of Taoism (i.e. The Sacred Books of the East, vol. 39-40), James Legge briefly introduces the texts that he has chosen for the anthology, and gives his reasons, justifying the choice of extracts. The Treatise of Laozi (i.e. Tao Te Ching), The Writings of Chuang Tzu and The Tractate of Actions and their Retribution, which comprise the main part of these two volumes, are also introduced in relation to the particular editions and commentaries he used. Pertinent questions such as the authenticity of Laozi and the Tao Te Ching, the value of different editions and various commentaries, as well as advice on how to use the commentaries properly, are discussed at the same time.



James Legge; Editions of Tao Te Ching; translation


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