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Review of the 11th Summer Institute On Theology and the Humanities

Author: MI Aolan, MA Student, School of Liberal Arts, Renmin University of China



From July 6-9, 2015, the 11th “Theology and Humanities” Summer Institute was held at the Anyang Institute of Technology in Henan province. The theme of this Summer Institute was “Confronting Contemporary Crises”. Ten keynote speakers from the US, UK, Israel, Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China delivered presentations at the Institute. More than 40 young academics from 29 different universities and institutions were invited to present panel papers, discussing and exchanging views on Theology and Humanities.


Under the framework of “Confronting Contemporary Crises”, the scholars presented papers within a wide range of disciplines, from literary criticism to comparative studies on classics, religious studies, Sino-Christian theology and Sinology. This review summarizes the major concerns and issues raised during the Institute, including the crisis of faith behind the culture of consumption, the crisis of interpretation in hermeneutics, and the ecological and identity crises of our current globalized world. The Summer Institute demonstrated the best academic effort to reflect on the modern way of life and to resolve longstanding dilemmas facing humanity. 




Theology, Humanities, Contemporary Crises, Interdisplinary and Intercultural studies


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