Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

Christianity, Identity and Cultures: A Case Study

Author: Gerald A. Arbuckle, Co-director of the RPD Research Unit, Sydney



When it comes to the implementation of mission, that is, evangeli­zation, the church is confronted by a theologi­cal and pastor­al problem that has caused much division in the past and contin­ues to have a significant role in dividing the churches today. The various traditions within Christianity do not always agree about how evangelization should relate to the cultures of people. This ar­ticle examines the Roman Catho­lic Church as a case study. The first part of the article concentrates on defining terms. The second part provides a brief history of the Catholic Church’s contact with cul­tures down through the centuries, from relative openness to the inflexibility which characterized the period from the Renais­sance to the twentieth century, and on to the re-emergence of inculturation after Vatican II. It will be seen that the identity of the church changes wherever its method of relating to cul­tures alters.



Culture, Inculturation, Roman Catholic


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