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Review on the Studies of Daqin Jingjiao: A Comprehensive Discussion on Its History, Linguistics and Text (II)

Author: WU Chang Shing, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Religion, Chung Yuan Christian University



In line with the last issue, this paper would continue to solve the origin and historical development of Jingjiao which succeeds the Assyrian Church of the East. They came to China in the title of "Bo-si Jiao" (Persian Religion) in Tang Dynasty for 110 years, and thereafter changed the title to "Daqin Jiao" by imperial edict in 745, the fourth year of Tian-bao, till the end of the Tang dynasty. "Daqin Jiao"’s developing history during Emperor Xuanzong to Emperor Dezong of Tang had retained its own documents more than those after mid of Tang Dynasty, but the Chinese rubbings, such like mortuary pillar and epitaph, were as the important historical materials to fill this blank page.


This paper reviewed the historiography of researches on Jingjiao over the past hundred years, including the apostolic succession of Jingjiao with Assyrian Church of the East, and interpretation and textual criticism on Jingjiao, etc. Those studies would help us obtain an overall perspectives on the relationship between Christianity and Chinese culture.



The Assyrian Church of the East, Daqin Jingjiao, Persian Religion, Daqin Religion, Epitaph


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