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Can Dialogue Really Produce a Dual Perspective? Comments on the Forum "Contemporary Chinese Social Development and Christian- Confucian Dialogue" at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Author: ZHU Cuifeng, Associate Research Fellow, Department of Literature, Sun Yat-Sen University (Zhuhai Campus) XIE Wenyu, Professor, the Center for Judaic and Inter-Religious Studies of Shandong University



On May 4th, 2016, at the forum “Contemporary Chinese Social Development and Christian-Confucian Dialogue”held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professors Leung Yuen Sang, Huang Yong, and Carver Yu addressed the issue from the perspectives of past, present, and future respectively. Each with a different position, the three scholars all possess a good knowledge of both Christianity and Confucianism and are aware of the tensions between them. In one sense, they are all scholars of dual perspectives. Yet close study of their speeches reveals that they are in fact each holding a single perspective and that they hold to their own position while trying to understand the other’s position. This review comments on the paradox present in the forum by exploring the concept of real double perspectives. A person of a truly double perspective must have experienced a conversion from one perspective to another if they are to be able to address the issue by shifting from one perspective to another. The authors believe that the forum may help foster scholars of double perspectives.



Dialogue between Christianity and Confucianism, dual perspectives, Leung Yuen Sang, Huang Yong, Carver Yu


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