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Review on the Studies of Daqin Jingjiao: A Comprehensive Discussion on Its History, Linguistics and Text (I)

Author: WU Chang Xing, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Religion, Chung Yuan Christian University



The Daqin Jingjiao was the first Christian denomination to appear in China. The official name of this religious community was “The Assyrian Church of East”. Daqin Jingjiao, which quickly disappeared after the 14th century, survived through Tang and Yuan dynasties.

There are two major difficulties faced when studying the Daqin Jingjiao. The first is that there are very few primary resources available for research. For this reason, “The Stele of the Propagation in China of the Daqing Jingjiao” unearthed together with relevant documents in the late Qing and the early Republican Era, as well as epitaphs and stone pillars of Luoyang subsequently unearthed in recent years, have been the chief materials available to reconstruct the history of The Assyrian Church of East in China. Second, past studies have resulted in many misunderstandings about the origins and development of the Daqing Jingjiao. Therefore, an accurate interpretation and identification of these remnants of the Daqin Jingjiao is an important task for researchers.

This paper tries to reassess the origins and the history of the Daqin Jingjiao and its spread in Tang Dynasty so as to conduct a comprehensive review of Chinese and Western scholars’ studies over the years.



The Assyrian Church of the East, Daqin Jingjiao, Persian Religion, Daqin Religion


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