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Cosmonogy in Michele Ruggieri's Tian Zhu Sheng Jiao Shi Lu: Interpretation, Response, and Inspiration

Author: SUN Caixia, Associate Professor, Institute of Comparative Literature and Comparative Culture, Henan University



Michele Ruggieri attached great importance to the interpretation of cosmogony. But the explanatory background to the cosmogony of Scholasticism itself implies a contradiction between natural theology and revealed theology, Biblical tradition and Aristotelian philosophy. Chinese cosmogony held to the realization and division of a single origin, and never entertained a dualistic concept of creation with Creator and created. Thus, Michele Ruggieri’s interpretation provoked an intense debate in China. Opponents attacked the contradictions in Christian cosmogony to raise doubts about God’s ultimacy and uniqueness. These debates show why in order to develop a smooth dialogue between heterogeneous religions and cultures, we need to pursue a vision of “difference in similarity” of different religions.



Tian Zhu Sheng Jiao Shi Lu, cosmogony, interpretation, “Difference in similarity”


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