Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

Trans-ferring, Con-versing and Be-coming: Review of the 2013-2014 Beijing-Scottish Seminar

Author: WANG Hai, Lecturer, Renmin University of China, Beijing



The School of Liberal Arts (Renmin University of China) and the Institute for the Study of Christian Culture held the second Beijing-Scotland international seminar in March, 2014, the theme of which was “The Construction of East and West: Translating Classical Texts.” Eleven scholars from the West and China together reflected upon the issue of translation from the perspectives of literary studies, philosophy, arts, cultural exchange, religious dialogue, and comparative studies. The act of translation is regarded an act of reflection upon geographic, linguistic, cultural and religious differences, an act of transcending these differences, and as the most fundamental way of encountering the other. Translation is an act of transferring, but the distance and the differences between the self and the other are not an obstacle to overcome, but a stimulus to conversation, and a catalyzer for the self to change and to become.



translation, trans-ferring, con-versing, be-coming


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