Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

The Conflict between Christianity and Chinese Society and Its Future: Reflections on Church-related Cases in Modern China

Author: HE Husheng, Professor, School of Marxism Studies, Renmin University of China



Church-related legal cases were a special kind of phenomenon in late 19th century China. These cases reflected the conflicts between Christian missionaries in China and Chinese from different social classes. There are mainly three kinds of conflicts: 1) the conflict of invasiona and anti-invasion; 2) conflicts of different culture, psychology and ethics; 3) conflict between rurual culture and western culture. These conflicts and clashes exerted great impact on every aspect of Chinese society. Today, Christianity once again spread widely and quickly in China, and the political conflicts remain, but the conflicts in culture, psychology and ethics are not as strong as that in the past. What is more, rural areas have become the vital places for the spread of Christianty. How to grasp the future of Christianity in China? How to indigenize Christianity in China? These are the critical challenges for Chinese Communist Party and Chinese government. This also deserves the high attention of the whole society.



cultures, conflict, Christianity, Chinese society


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