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The Future of China from the Perspective of Christianity and Confucianism: A Reflection on Shandong University Forum of "Whither China?"

Author: LIN Xiaobin, Ph.D. Candidate, the Center for Judaic and Inter-Religious Studies of Shandong University XIE Wenyu, Professor, the Center for Judaic and Inter-Religious Studies of Shandong University



On September 29, 2016, Professors HUANG Yushun and HE Guanghu attended the forum “Whither China?”held at Shandong University and addressed the topic from Confucian and Christian perspectives respectively. In HUANG`s opinion, the notion of modernization represents a consensus
among Chinese politicians, intellectuals, and ordinary citizens, and this common foundation should not be threatened at any cost. HUANG emphasizes that modernization was not imposed on China by the West but on the contrary, has been a trend within Chinese society since the Song dynasty. HUANG endeavors to promote a modern transformation of Confucianism by advocating a Confucianization of life, with the goal of appealing to a modernization in form of nationality. In HUANG’s vision of a modernized Chinese society, Christianity will have its own place. Meanwhile, Professor HE outlined the modernization of western societies by analyzing the interactions between religion and civilization. He pointed out that the nature of modernization is an appeal to rationality. It is thereforenecessary that Chinese should return to the origin of Chinese ancientspiritual pursuits, examine their inner religiosity, and reform Chinese religions to develop a more open as well as more self confdent civilization. This review explores how Chinese scholars are positive about the dialogue between Christianity and Confucianism, and how that dialogue between different perspectives will itself expose the blind spots of each and helconsensus-building.



Dialogue between Christians and Confucians, Chinese Modernization, HUANG Yushun, HE Guanghu


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