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The Ambiguity of Faith and the Absence of Redemption: A Reading of Lu Xun's "New Year's Blessings' in the Light of the Gospels

Author:GU Yue, Lecturer, Shanghai International Studies University



Lu Xun’s “New Year’s Blessings” is a short story about faith. In the story, Mrs. Xianglin asked a question which can be regarded as the ultimate question of existence, or a Chinese version of the “Hamlet Question.” The story addresses humanity’s longing for redemption. Mrs. Xianglin’s circumstance is also present in the Gospels. However, due to Lu Xun’s deficiency of spiritual resources, the story fails to offer consolation to the weak, and Mrs. Xianglin dies in the nothingness of existence. Going beyond social criticism, however, “New Year’s Blessings” demonstrates Lu Xun’s concern for the spiritual dimension. “Mrs. Xianglin’s Question” has great significance, providing a milestone in the Chinese history of ideas.



Lu Xun, the Gospels, redemption, spiritual crisis


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