Christian culture 基督教文化学刊

The Post-secular Era and Religious Modernity: Charles Taylor's Understanding

Author: CHIN Ken-pa, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Fu Jen University



In one of his masterpieces A Secular Age, Charles Taylor has not only redefined the concept of secularization from a whole new perspective but also presented a crucial reflection on the persistent dynamics of religious criticism in a secular world. In a world where the role of Religion is gradually losing ground, the urgency of a critical reflection on the stated subject matter is no doubt warranted, especially to those who bear a Catholic tradition and background such as Taylor. The reflection and the proposition of a Catholic modernity that Taylor has put forward to serve two purposes: to shade new light on an old issue, and to put to the resilience of the Catholic faith. In other words, Taylor would like to find out how the Catholic faith will operate and survive in a more and more complex and secularized world.



Secularization, Catholic modernity, identity, re-enchantment, exclusive humanism


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