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An Exploration of Hegel's View of God and Its Political Implications

Author: HUANG Tzuhsuan, Ph.D,Candidate, Department of Philosophy, Chinese Cultural University



Hegel’s concept of God remains a source of debate in the academic field. Scholars contend that the sense of “God” as described by Hegel should not be confused with the “God” of Christian theology, yet such epistemological understanding of Hegel’s “view of God” might result from negligence towards his formative thought process as revealed in his early writings. From from a broader perspective, Hegel’s early writings are germane to traditional Christian theology, but in a very subtle sense. Hegel’s unique sense of God is the result of gradual critical deliberation on traditional Christian theology, and his concept of God can be viewed as a comprehensive summary of his philosophical thought system. The concept of God not only serves as the core foundation of Hegel’s philosophical universe but also extends to practical aspects of political implementation. One can argue that Hegel’s unique sense of God has shaped the moral values of modern politics, and it is the crucial element which keeps his philosophy relevant.



Hegel, God, philosophical system, political ethics


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