Christian culture

A Cultural Poetic Interpretation of Wife-Sister Stories in Genesis

Author: HUANG Hangxi, Ph. D. Candidate, School of Literature, Nankai University



The three different narrations of the “Wife-Sister” stories in Genesis remain a controversial issue in the history of biblical studies. This thesis argues that the narrative of the “Wife-Sister” stories not only manifests the narrative feature of “different sources, same construction;” a narrative logic of “nomadic to agriculturalist” and a narrative technique of “historical collage”, but also achieves its “re-presentation” of the same source in historical cultural context. From the perspective of cultural poetic criticism, every narrative of the “Wife-Sister” story not only has independent value, but also functions to interpret culturally the Hebrew patriarchal period as a whole. This article hopes to introduce this reading of the biblical stories to the Chinese context.



Genesis; Wife-Sister stories; different sources; same construction; nomadic to farming; historical-collage


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