Christian culture

Contemporary Christian Theologies of Homosexuality: A Typology

Author: GAO Zhe, Interdisciplinary Senior Lecturer in Religion and Translation, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Stirling



Since the 1970s, influenced by burgeioning research on homosexuality in the natural and social sciences, a deep change in the theological understanding of homosexuality have begun to emerge within the Christian community. While Christianity as a whole is experiencing this change, it is not happening uniformly among Christian traditions and denominations, and there exists a variety of Christian theologies of homosexuality. This essay provides a typological examination of these different understand-ings of homosexuality. Rather than offering a normative Christian understanding of homosexuality, this descriptive study focuses on those theological and exegetic rationales from which different attitudes toward homosexuality emerge within Christianity.



homosexuality; theology of sex; sexual ethics; contemporary Christian theologies


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