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Justice: Participatory or Deconstructive? “Concept of Justice in the Sino-Western Dialogue”at Suzhou University of Science and Technology

Author: SHANG Wenhua, Associate Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, Shandong Academy of Social Sciences.



How to understand the concept of justice has always been a key issue in the history of Western thought, especially the history of Western political philosophy, and these debates in western thinking have rendered it an increasingly important topic in the Chinese academic community. While most in the current Chinese academic community focus on social and political aspects, Professor HUANG Yushun and Professor XIE Wenyu respectively give perspectives on participatory justice and deconstructive justice from within traditional Confucian and Christian thought. Having briefly sketched out these two kinds of justice, this paper compares the confrontation between the two kinds of justice and analyzes how they can point to blind spots in modern theories of justice. The analysis shows that modern justice theories need to consider a broader field of explanation, and to re-establish the field by incorporating historical and ideological reflection into scholarship.

The “Comparative Literature and Religious Studies” Roundtable of the 22nd Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA) was held at the University of Saint Joseph, Macau, China, from July 30-31 2019, under the theme “the Sacred and the Everyday.” 23 scholars from various universities and institutions in Austria, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, the UK and the US were invited to present papers. During the two-day meeting at the historic Seminário de São José, a range of issues were discussed by participants, from the sacred and the profane to everydayness, postmodernity, ritual studies, Confucian-Christian dialogue, Sinology and English and European literature. This review outlines the papers presented at the Roundtable and their major findings.



Justice, Participatory, Deconstructive, Confucianism, Christianity


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