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Impact, Interaction and Inculturation: A Review of the “Christianity in the Chinese Society” 2018 Conference

Author:Monica ROMANO, Lecturer, Pontifical Gregorian University



First introduced into China during the Tang Dynasty, over time Christianity has interacted with the existing philosophical, religious and ethical systems while attempting to indigenize and “sinicize” itself through a process of adaptation and inculturation, not without raising questions and posing challenges. Today, Christianity is among the fastest-growing religions in China but continues to be largely perceived as a “foreign religion,” despite its long history in the country. The international conference on “Christianity in China. Impact, Interaction and Inculturation” held at the Pontifical Gregorian University on 22-23 March 2018 discussed these issues. Organized by the Faculty of Missiology, with the support of the Yuan Dao Study Center and of the Gregorian University Foundation, it gathered scholars and religious leaders from China, Hong Kong and various countries in Europe and the United States. The panelists debated around the theme of Christianity in China from the historical, religious and sociological perspectives, through a dialogical approach between East and West,  interacting with an audience including researchers, diplomatic representatives, government officials, journalists, religious people, and professors and students of the University. This review attempts to summarize the main ideas presented at the conference, which was the eighth of a series of annual conferences on Christianity in the Chinese society. The main aim of this kind of symposium was to establish a platform of dialogue between academia, church leadership and government as well as between Chinese and Western scholars.



Christianity, Catholic Church, Chinese society, Chinese Culture, religion


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