Founded in 1999, the Journal for the Study of Christian Culture is sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Christian Culture at Renmin University of China and has been supported by Professional Educational Services International, Inc. (PESI), the Religion and Culture Publishing House, and Renmin University of China Press. In 2000, when the Ministry of Education designated Renmin University of China’s Institute for the Study of Buddhism and Religious Theory as a key research center in the Chinese humanities and social sciences, the Journal was taken on as one of the Center’s projects. Since 2009, there has been a standing collaboration with the Hong Kong-based Institute of Sino-Christian Studies, and the journal has been published in traditional Chinese script (ISSN is 2071-997).

The Journal for the Study of Christian Culture is a semi-annual, peer-reviewed journal. Essays are anonymously reviewed by a joint committee of well-known scholars in and outside of China. As of 2006, the Journal has been listed on the CSSCI citation index.

The editors of the Journal pay special attention to the dialogue between Chinese and Western ideas, the contemporary interpretation of history and the classics and inter-disciplinary study of Christian cultures. They work hard to overcome established boundaries and go beyond the boundaries of the secular and transcendent, providing a public platform for cultural exchanges and academic researches.

Editor in Chief:

YANG Huilin

Members of Editorial Committee

GENG Youzhuang

LIU Xiaofeng

LO, Ping-Cheung

YEUNG, Hing-Kau

Publishing Supervisor

CHIN, Kenneth     YEUNG, Daniel

Contact: 86-10-6251-3770

E-mai:  jscc@ruc.edu.cn