After Onto-Theology: Philosophy between Science and Religion


Author: Gianni VATTIMO(1936– ), Distinguished Contemporary Italian Philosopher and  Emeritus Professor at the University of Turin.


The death of the ontological God needs to be understood as the impossibility of believing any longer in an objective truth or a universally valid foundation, or in subscribing to a uniquely effective language or paradigm for understanding the world. Once we break free from this belief, marking the end of metaphysics or the transcendence of ontological theology, we can delve into the interplay between philosophy, religion, and science. Philosophy cannot be simply reduced to religion; instead, it must reconceptualize itself as the secularization in action of the Western religious notions. Simultaneously, philosophy, finding in the common thread the reduction of the imperative nature of existence, becomes the criterion for examining sciences and technologies that depend on it. Through this renewed understanding of the relationship between philosophy, religion, and science, we ultimately attain liberation, allowing us to respond freely to the core of Judeo-Christian thought.


secularization kenosis, onto-theology, nihilism, history of being, Nietzsche, Heidegger

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